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About Hecho By Helena

Hecho By Helena is a Latina-owned business that has a mission to empower all Latine generations. Regardless of their dominant language, knowledge of Latine history, sexual orientation, or age.

Everything is handmade by Helena herself and everything is made to order, except for the stickers. That means your shirts, bags, crewnecks, and cups are all created once your order is received with you specifically in mind. Remember that the HBH shop is run in an actual home, so inventory is sometimes purchased after an order is made. Helena has to save space to both live and create in her little home.  


Meet The Owner

Helena identifies as a first-generation Mexadorian (Mexican and Salvadorian).   She's continuing to build Hecho By Helena and is working towards opening Helena's Casita in 2030.


The Process

Each HBH item is truly unique, regardless if its thrifted or bought brand new because its screen printed by hand and no press is the same each time. Small imperfections are always embraced because it adds a little character to each piece.


HBH Studio

The studio is set up in an attic with 3 vinyl cutting machines, a work bench, and a heat press.


Empowering All Generations

No sabo kid and immigrant jokes shame Latine community members, for not knowing Spanish fluently or for not being American-born.

Hecho By Helena designs are to empower all members of the community. Through various creations, Helena strives to amplify Latine voices and encourage those with Latine roots to be proud of their culture, to never feel shame nor guilt for not knowing a second language or their ancestor's history.

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